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MSD4 Series

The amplifiers of the MSD4 series are compact and solid fully digital servo amplifiers.

The series is a derivative of the reliable MSD1 servo amplifier series. This new amplifier series provides the perfect connection between the analog and the digital world for standard and retrofit applications. The user can preserve DC motors or analog set values in existing machines and can get process data via fieldbus at the same time. The devices can act as a virtual analog devices additionally - all settings will be made by buttons and parameter sets in this case. So existing facilities can be modernized and an entrance into the fieldbus world can be prepared at the same time.
Because of the basic functionality, the modularity and the wide range of supply voltage and output current the devices of the MSD4 series are predestinated as a platform for customer-specific developments. An enhanced processor (32bit DSP) and a programmable FPGA support these development capabilities. A slot for option modules enables the fast development and integration of hardware add-on's.

The product will be supported by an efficient and nevertheless easy-to-use PC software called MESABO. This software is part of the delivery.

MSD4 series - Features
- Using as highly dynamic position-, speed- or current controller
- Using with brushless and brushed DC motors up to 7 KW output power
- Supply voltage range from 24 VDC to 400 VAC
- Efficient power stage with output current up to 40 A
- Fast control loops with switchable sample times (62,5Ás..2ms)
- Programmable PWM frequency
- Efficient filter capabilities
- Galvanic separation of the interfaces
- Integrated brake control
- Configurable in- and outputs
- Analog in- and outputs for current- or speed control or for common use.
- Expansion slot for hardware modules
- RS232 / USB Interface for parameter setting and monitoring
- Standardized fieldbus interfaces
- Considerably documentation

Several technical data of the MSD4 series
Servo motors Brushed DC motors
Brushless DC motors
Feedback systems Encoder, DC-Tacho, BEMF
Interfaces CANopen ( Diagnosis / Set values )
±10 V Analog input ( Speed- or torque set values )
RS 232 / USB Interface ( Diagnosis / Set values )
Supply voltage range From 24 VDC to 400 VAC
Please ask us for detailed information...

Type schedule for the MSD4 series
Type Imax Irated Urated
MSD4 0610 20 A 10 A 24..65 VDC
MSD4 0615 30 A 15 A 24..65 VDC
MSD4 1215 30 A 15 A 36..125 VDC
MSD4 3004  8 A  4 A 230 VAC
MSD4 3006 12 A  6 A 230 VAC
MSD4 3008 16 A  8 A 230 VAC
MSD4 3010 20 A 10 A 230 VAC
MSD4 3012 24 A 12 A 230 VAC
MSD4 3015 30 A 15 A 230 VAC
MSD4 3020 40 A 20 A 230 VAC
MSD4 5004  8 A  4 A 400 VAC
MSD4 5006 12 A  6 A 400 VAC
MSD4 5008 16 A  8 A 400 VAC
MSD4 5010 20 A 10 A 400 VAC

Type label identification on basis of the example "MSD4 MC 3010 E xxx"
MSD4 ... MESANOR Servodrive Digital 4. Generation
MC ... Interface
(MA) Analog
(MC) CANopen
(MI) Indexer
30 ... Supply voltage
(06) 24..65 VDC
(12) 36..125 VDC
(30) 300 VAC
(50) 400 VAC
60 ... Rated output current
(10) 10 A
E ... Feedback device
(E) Encoder
(T) Tacho
xxx ... Option / Motor type

Main window of the MESABO software