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Servo modules of the BDE High Current series

Devices of the BDE (Basic Drive Element) High Current series are special compact and robust fully digital servo modules.

The functionality of the BDE High Current series conforms exactly with the standard BDE series and allows position, speed and torque control. Devices are equipped with fieldbus interfaces and a very efficient power stage. The internally stored moving sequences allow an effective workflow. The basic element contains logical inputs and outputs and an analog input for common purposes. Using of an additional gear will result in a compact unit with high output torque. That gives the user a easy-to-use, compact and efficient servo module for a wide range of applications.

The product will be completed with an also effective but easy-to-use PC software, which is in scope of delivery.

Read the short manual for more information.

BDE High Current - Features
- Up to 120A output current
- Fieldbus capability ( PROFIBUS™ oder CANopen )
- Sequence control
- Wide working temperature range
- RS 232-Interface for configuration and monitoring
- CE checked
- High dynamic, high bandwidth
- Low-loss power stage
- Galvanical isolation of the different interfaces
- Integrated brake control
- Free configurable inputs and outputs
- One analog input for current or speed control or for general purpose

Technical data of the BDE High Current series
Servo motors DC Servo motors with brushes
DC Servo motors brushless
Feedback systems Encoder
Control interfaces PROFIBUS™ or CANopen ( Diagnosis / Set value )
±10 V Analog input ( Speed or torque )
RS 232 Interface ( Diagnosis / Set value )
Supply voltage from 24 V DC to 48 V DC
Please contact us for more technical specifications of BDE High Current series...

Type schedule of the BDE High Current series
Type Ieff Imax Urated
BDE 0560  60 A 120 A 48 V DC

Type label indication for example BDE 0560 P xxx
BDE ... Basic Drive Element
05 ... DC bus voltage
(05) 48V
60 ... Rated current in A
(10) 10A
(C) CANopen
xxx ... Option / Motor type

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